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不過因為我發現了這些不足,才可以去改變它。在華麗的技巧背後一定是要很大的努力,所謂"台上十分鐘,台下十年功",這是我參加網球社深深體會到的。 在未來我希望考到所有會計相關證照,有利以後會計師的道路,希望可以跟教授們一起學習,精進自己的會計能力。謝謝各位面試官。


My name is XX,I am from HsinChu , graduated fromXXXschool ,

hobby is drawing , writing and counting.In the three year I worked

hard keep the grade in the three numbers.

when in the junior school counted was very dufficult to me .

but I study hard ny count become better to better

from now on count become one of my interesting subject.

the second year, I took part in tennis club because of an animation,

Inside look at the way people sway,I would also like to personally

experience to see the kind of excited feeling ,Watch the movie when

I think that can be easily done, but When I actually played a lot of

deficiencies found,poor physical, skill not enough ...,but because I

found these deficiencies,can to change it.

The magnificent skills to must pay a high price,the so-called" ",

this is my deep experience to the tennis club.

In the future, I hope that through accounting certification exams,

after enabling the road Accountants,wish to study together with

Professor, enhancement their accounting capabilities.

Thank you for the interviewer.


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    My name is XX. I am from HsinChu. I graduated fromXXXschool.

    My hobby is drawing, writing and calculating. While I am in senior high, I worked hard and always kept my grades in the top three.

    when i was in junior high, calculating used to be difficult to me. But, after I have known more about it, my calculating had become better and better. Now, even calculating has become one of my hobbies.

    When i was a sophomore, I took part in tennis club because of one animation.

    After watching the animation, i love the way they sway, and really want to experience it too.

    While watching the movie,

    I thought I can easily do it. But, when the time I actually standing on the court, i found out that i am deficient in everything. For example, energy, skills...etc.. But, because of that, i can now fixing it. Behind the magnificent skills, should have lots of practices, just like a say of,"one minute of performance on stage, ten years of hard work off stage", that's what i have really learnt after i join the tennis club.

    In the future, for becoming a top accountant, I hope that i can make through all the exams for the accounting certification. Also, I hope i can learn lots of knowledges from professors and enhance my accounting capabilities.

    Thank you to all of the professors.

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