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小鑫 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前














他抽了兩張 準備拿給我

我笑了笑,推回他的手 陪他繼續走

我說[我是志工 這些是我應該做的]


我很樂意陪你聊天 你要越來越健康

越來越遠的身影 模糊的是他的臉他的影





2 個解答

  • 10 年前

    Remember in high school, there have been several opportunities to participate in volunteer service ..

    A particular Provincial Hospital in Pingtung just sat down for a vest ..

    We saw the rise of a old man holding a walking stick a Shui Po, entered a

    I came to ask him where to go

    He said he would come according to vascular ultrasound

    I think he is difficult to walk with a stick

    I helped him rent a wheelchair pushed him to do inspections

    He told me the course of his home, and I did not give criticism and advice

    I just have to listen to my smile

    Done after checking with him to go back to the period of road, he suddenly stopped and

    From his pocket and took out a bundle of banknotes

    He smoked two preparations showed me

    I smiled, pushing back his hand to accompany him to continue walking

    I said [I volunteer to which I should do]

    Arrive at the hospital door, I said, remember next week to view appointment uncle

    I am very happy to chat with you more and you want health

    Far more ambiguous figure is the shadow of his face that he

    But he never put down the hand waving

    Has been very clear ...

    Helping people, really happy!

    Hope this society will have more body to help people happy!

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  • 10 年前

    The day when I was in high school I had the opportunity to involve in volunteer work

    There was a time when I was in Pingtung Hospital when I’d just changed into a singlet

    I lifted up my head and saw an old man walked in with his walking stick (cane)

    I walked to him and asked him where he wanted to go?

    He said he wanted to have a vascular ultrasound

    I saw he had difficulty walking with his cane

    I helped him rent a wheelchair and took him to the checkup

    He told me about his family when we were on the way to the checkup. I didn’t make comment or give suggestion to his family issues.

    I listened and smiled

    after the checkup I walked him back to the entrance. He suddenly stopped.

    He took out a stack of money from his pocket

    He took two pieces and gave them to me

    I smiled and pushed the money back to him. We continued walking

    I said “I am a volunteer. I do what I have to do (This is what I should do..)

    Arrived at the hospital entrance I reminded the old man to come next week for his appointment

    I am happy and willing to chat with you.

    You have to get healthier

    He was soon far away. Only his face and his shadow were blurred.

    He never put down his hand. He was waving.

    I always very clear

    helping others make me happy

    I hope more people in our society can understand the happiness of helping people.

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