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英文 (動詞的現在分詞或過去分詞 . 轉承字詞) 解題 急!


03. Why are there so many people__(waste) their time on silly video games?

04. There were several ducks__(swim) on the lake.

05. There were no data__(find) to support your idea.

06. There are many foreigners__(live) in this area.

07. There have been so many things__(happen) on campus lately.

08. There are many people__(wait) at the MRT station.

09. He jusy found out that there was a castle__(name) after his grandmother.

10. Next to the park,there was a church__(build) during the late 1800s.


however, therefore, instead, as a result, besides, otherwise, what was worse, in fact, in other words, for example

01. We gor lost in the mountains.__, we didn't have any food left.

02. This is a free country,and__ we should all be allowed freedom of speech.

03. I love Joanna very much__, I'm planning to propose to her next week.

04. You had better take an umbrella;__, you will get wet in the rain.

05. Serena did not go to the movies;__, she went to the gym.

06. Sorry I don't have time to help you with your composition;__,I hate writing.

07. Vacuum-cleaning robots are available;__, not many people buy these robots.

08. Many services are available here.__, there are two gas stations,several banks and a shopping center.

09. He is not type.__, he is not the kind of person I like.

10. Jenny listens to an English radio program every day.__, she has made wonderful progress with her English.

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    * There be + N. + Ving. 可以用來表示"主動進行"

    4.There were several ducks__(swim) on the lake.

    <Ans> swimming

    其實就是由 There were several ducks which were swimming on the lake.


    * There be + N. + Vpp. 可以用來表示"被動進行"

    10. Next to the park,there was a church__(build) during the late 1800s.

    <Ans> built

    Next to the park,there was a church which were built during the late 1800s.

    =Next to the park,there was a church built during the late 1800s.

    * find + Ving(主動)/Vpp(被動)-------第9題

    3.<Ans> wasting (主動)

    4.<Ans> swimming (主動)

    5.<Ans> found (被動)


    6.<Ans> living (主動)

    7.<Ans> happened (被動)

    8.<Ans> watting (主動)

    9.<Ans> named (被動)

    10.<Ans> built (被動)

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    01. what was worse 更糟的是

    02. therefore adv.所以;因此

    03. as a result 結果;所以

    04. otherwise 否則

    05. instead 反而;卻

    06. in fact 事實上

    07. however 然而

    08. for example 例如;舉例來說

    09. in other words 換言之

    10. besides 而且

    ps.不好意思 轉承這個部份我有點不確定



    參考資料: 英文課本, 文法書
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