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請問運費各付一趟的英文 要怎麼說





意思需跟上面中文一樣 謝謝

Dear supplier,

regards to the demo unit shipping fees. The proforma invoice charged the shipping fees for this shipment. Please rid off it.

We will pay the return shipping.


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    Dear Suppliers,

    With regard to the two-way shipping charges of all the demo units from now onwards, we humbly seek your agreement to pay for the delivery course and we pay for the return course.

    If you agree, please send us a revised P/I writing off the freight, while that of the return shipping will be borne by us.

    We appreciate your kind understanding.

    Best regards,

    Xxxx Xxx

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    提供作展示用的樣品, 共同開發生意對雙方都有好處, 運費由雙方各付一趟是很合理的.

    2010-07-07 13:48:21 補充:

    "Please be noted that..."是個頗為普遍的錯誤, note字作為及物動詞用時並無「通知」的字義. 正確應是:

    Please note that....

    Please notice that....

    Please be advised that...

    Please be informed that...

    Please be cautioned that...

    請參閱: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_this_phrase_is_correc...

    2010-07-07 13:50:42 補充:

    Please以Kindly代替, 直至今日仍是十分普及的用法

    它也有一個作用, 就是可避免同一篇中太多的Please.

    2010-07-07 13:59:06 補充:


    版主此信的意旨是在就freight一事提出協商徵求同意, 應採協商語意.

    之前雙方顯然沒有各付freight的共識, 否則P/I上也就不會有freight了.

    所以本信不宜直接以強制性的語氣要對方移除運費, 這樣是不禮貌不尊重的,


    2010-07-07 14:08:39 補充:

    稱呼廠商為Parner不宜用於正式信函, 因為partner在法律上有其定義, 共同出資方可互稱partner. 貿易商與廠商在私下互稱partner倒是無妨, 就像無血緣關係者互稱brother一樣.

    正式信函如果是一封通函(circular letter)時, 要稱Dear Suppliers; 如果是個別情況, 則稱Dear Supplier.

    2010-07-07 14:14:56 補充:

    freight prepaid是運輸業用語, 有其法律上的定義; 一般商業之間只區別由何方負擔, 用pay/paid或to be borne by即可, 無需計較應付方是預付、月結還是其它方式.

    2010-07-07 14:30:06 補充:

    中文的「各付一趟」並無詞不達意的問題, 版主並沒說「各付一半」也沒說「各付半趟」, 何來老外在理解上的問題.

    be prepaid by the shipper這句話雖是誰託運就由誰付運費, 但shipper一詞是以船公司為觀點的名稱, 船公司針對shipper預收運費只是表象, 事實上shipper未必是負擔運費的一方, 因為一筆生意可能涉及三方或四方, 而未必是單純的買賣雙方, 也就是說, "be prepaid by the shipper"這句話未必清楚交待誰來負擔.

    2010-07-07 14:35:12 補充:

    什麼樣的人會「閉門造車」呢? 就是專門在書本裡打轉的人.


    2010-07-07 14:40:15 補充:

    humbly request you是商務上的禮貌用語, 非常普遍, 如果認為會影響公司尊嚴, 那是中文思維所致, 不妨問問老外吧!

    2010-07-12 11:08:15 補充:

    Hilman大意見004所引述的兩句我也看到了, 我只能指出這是中文思維者自以為是的區分罷了. 國內外英語學習論壇常見"please be noted that..."是否正確的討論, 連英語國家都常見, 結論大多是:

    "Please be noted that..."除了應改為"Please note that..."以外

    也可改為"It should be noted that...."

    2010-07-12 11:08:29 補充:

    重點是note當Vt.用時, 沒有「通知」的語意, 這樣"Please be noted that..."您還要認為是「請受通知...」嗎?

    2010-07-13 10:12:59 補充:

    Hillman, as both of us are Taiwanese natives while the knowledge+ English Section readers are mostly English learners, discussing between us in English is not as necessary. Secondly, your English writing committed plenty grammatical mistakes, though. Need I point them out?

    2010-07-13 10:13:50 補充:

    To allow learners neither to miss the points of our discussion nor to be misguided, we'd better do it in Chinese.

    2010-07-13 10:14:04 補充:

    再多的狡辯與硬拗都是沒有用的, 無法把"Please be noted that..."變成正確. 許多非英語國家的學術機構甚至都犯此錯誤, 因為他們深植於心(包含Hillman您)的把noted與noticed搞混了.

    note確有一種動詞用法是"to make a written note or memorandum of"(以書面方式製作成便條或備忘錄), 但這仍無「通知」語意, 無論如何也不能支持"Please be noted that..."的寫法, 難到你能說「請被製成便條....」這樣奇怪的語意嗎?

    2010-07-13 10:16:05 補充:






    2010-07-13 23:31:17 補充:

    Someone often making grammatical MISTAKES/ERRORS is by no means qualified to describe others as green in the field; rather, such one as Hillman can self-criticized so.

    2010-07-13 23:46:09 補充:

    The way you insist on discussing here in English could be an attempt to avoid English learners from knowing too much about your wrong points. It might be shamful of you to say such words as "As to Grammar, it is the last thing to touch for a successful ESL learner."

    2010-07-13 23:46:23 補充:

    Hillman, you're so arrogant by saying that. Though grammar is designed for non-native speakers to learn English, it is still highly required by native speakers learning to write decent English.

    2010-07-14 10:24:57 補充:

    To Jeniffer

    Is that true? Is "Please be noted..." really closer to what a native English business person would write?

    I'm sorry to say that you were not sure of what you said at all.

    In short, you need to consider it a wrong expression if you're really good in grammar.

    2010-07-14 11:08:07 補充:


    I never said "two-way shipping charges" as a technical term in transportation field. "Two-way" is merely a descriptive word, and it simply denotes one party paying freight of a double journey, which isn't necessarily used in other cases.

    2010-07-14 11:11:30 補充:

    > ....since we will be bare the cost of returning the demo.

    Jennifer, could you grammatically explain the word "bare" in the above clause? I would use "bearing" instead.

    2010-07-14 14:50:55 補充:

    想不到投票這麼踴躍, 其中大多數還是在下所不認識的朋友, 多謝肯定與鼓勵!

    參考資料: 國貿專業經驗
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    First of all, I have never heard the term: "Two-Way shipping charge" in my 20 years of business practice in North America. Second, the wording of the email is difficult to follow – without doubt it will be necessary for me to explain the intension of the email to my president.

    2010-07-14 09:51:54 補充:

    I understand everyone has their own English writing style; however, it must be grammatically correct. Although the statement: “Please be noted…” in Answer #2, is not exactly correct, it’s closer to what a native English business person would write.

    2010-07-14 09:52:54 補充:

    Thank you for the PI. My only concern is the “Delivery Term” for the demo (or sample). We prefer “DDU XXX Inc. (consignee’s premises) or“CPT Taipei”(Incoterm 2000) as “Delivery Term”. In other words, the term should be “Freight Prepaid” since we will be bare the cost of returning the demo.

    2010-07-14 09:53:09 補充:

    If you agree, please amend the PI with CPT Taipei or DDU XXXInc term. Please respond at your convenience.

    Your understanding of this issue is greatly appreciated.

    2010-07-14 10:13:58 補充:

    sorry! I couldn't put everything on the same answer due to the words limitation. # 23 ~ 26 should be in the same paragraph.

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    我看了問題及回答,覺得這不是一個翻譯問題而是問一件事。因此要回答所問。如果答非所問,文筆文法再好也沒用。我覺得一號比較回答所問。二號像是 Unilateral 官方公文。

    至于NOTE 的意思以“注意或註解”較大,不是通知。


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    As for the freight, we suggest that it is paid separately .in other words, we are responsible for the returning goods; The rest will charge on you.

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    如果沒有談過demo訂單的運費問題,建議您先詢問對方是否同意共同分擔樣品運費? 如果他同意,請他給你修改過的P/I ( revised P/I) without transportation charge..


    寄送方式為?? 可用trasportation fee / charge 代替 shipping

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    各付一趟運費(freight)…似乎是國人常用的表達方式,以數學的概念來看是:1/2 + 1/2 (各一半); 但老外的眼裡是一趟運費歸一趟 ( 1 and 1 ) 無所謂一半。所以當大家依中文字面來翻譯,往往都覺得詞不達意。只好把一句話拆成兩句話講,我方付…貴公司付…。

    熟知貿易交易條件的都知道,運費支付有兩種常用的條件:freight prepaid (預付) 與 freight collect (到付). 請看下列寫法:

    Dear partner,

    Please be noted that the freight of demo unit order shall be prepaid by the shipper. Therefore, please take out the freight mentioned in your P/I; likewise the returning freight will be at our side.

    Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

    1. 用partner 會比Supplier 更親近,廠商即是我們的合作夥伴,不過強烈建議有姓名者還是稱呼對方姓名為宜。

    2. 這句話雖沒有任何關於禮貌的字眼,Please be noted that …卻是英文商務溝通中,常用來通知對方(廠商或客戶)本公司的做法或政策。既有禮又不失立場及尊嚴。(註: humbly, kindly 在現代的商務溝通中已盡量少用)。

    3. be prepaid by the shipper,這句話就是誰託運就由誰付運費。所以不用說:我付一趟,您付回程那一趟。

    4. to take out,把文件中某個敘述或文字去除。

    5. 請客戶將P/I中的運費剔除,與不跟我們公司charge運費其實是同一件事。


    1. http://tw.fluke.com/Fluke/twen/home/Terms-and-Cond... (交易條件)

    2. http://www.oregonmudders.com/warranty_3.html (保固辦法)

    3. http://www.avlab.com.tw/rma_procedures.htm (保固維修退回)

    關於種種商務溝通用的英文,建議大家利用關鍵字 (例: freight) 搜尋各家廠商的寫法,免得閉門造車。

    2010-07-09 12:33:18 補充:

    可見您需要多請教老外如何寫商業溝通文件; 您所說的皆是國內國際貿易課程所教授的那套。

    2010-07-09 12:38:35 補充:


    2010-07-11 17:05:56 補充:

    Wiki Answers 上對於please be noted that 的回答過於草率不足為憑。正確的用法如下:

    1. Please be noted that prices of commodities have changed rapidly.

    (a notice 通知)

    2. Please note that prices of commodities have changed rapidly.

    (an order 命令)


    2010-07-12 19:40:54 補充:

    Apparently, staying in between the covers of the dictionary is a sound and safe choice for most Asian ESL learners. Being as broadmined ESL learner, taking various usages of word into account becoming essential to sharpen writing and reading comprehension,

    2010-07-12 19:41:54 補充:

    especially when we NOTE many examples shown on the organizational documentation. Please google with keywords: baran group + please be noted that. An official finanial report starts with a sentence, "Please be noted that this is merely a summary of the Board of Directors' Report."

    2010-07-12 19:42:17 補充:

    Please argue with those NATIVE speakers.

    2010-07-12 22:44:25 補充:

    One of meanings of NOTE as verb is " to make a written note or memorandum of"; sic, the word arrangement in the first sentence indicates a note is sent to the addressee for an appropriate attention. Exinde, the word "note" never suggest to notify someone.

    2010-07-13 11:30:15 補充:

    Your reply remind me of one story. Once upon a time, a testee started with one sentence in his English wirting test, "Can we speak Chinese? Why not?"

    From the writing of yours, we can identify that you are still green in the field.

    2010-07-13 11:32:56 補充:

    I sincerely suggest you go through more literature to sharpen your word using. If the learners are really interested in this dialog, they will find the way out.

    As to grammatical ERROR, (not mistake), I did made many. Because I don't want to spend time checking spelling with you. lol.

    2010-07-13 11:39:45 補充:

    As to Grammar, it is the last thing to touch for a successful ESL learner. ESL users can be absolutely grammatically correct; however, they are probably not pragmatically effective; that's why a green mark goes around you.