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what is the formal way to position your hands on the computer keyboard so you could type faster and be more accurate?

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    用什麼樣的方法及將你的手的位置擺在電腦鍵盤, 你才可以輸入更快,更準確?

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    1st answer is fantastic.

    In Yahoo knowledge/English, the one who posted in English usually look for translation in Chinese.That's why you find some people " repeating" your Qs in Chinese instead of giving answer. Just kind of misunderstanding.

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    who is this mature male?

    why doesn't he understand my questions while the rest of the people had no trouble answering it?

    2010-07-09 11:00:34 補充:

    never knew that?

    but i just recently realized that taiwanese students' english is far advanced than what i have heard from some other highschool students.

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    什麼是你的手放在電腦鍵盤的正式方式, 以便於可以打字打得快一點以及更準確一點?

    formal: 正式的

    position; 把…放在適當位置