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what are the high school courses required to take if someone wants to be a

pharmacist later on in his life.

what is the averge grades in which universities are looking for if someone were

to study pharmacy in UBC?


Chin Chu,

I am a permanent resident in Canada.....

So, what are the requirements that UBC or other university are looking for?

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mature male,

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    Are you in Taiwan, n Sheng? Do you plan to enter Medical School in Taiwan? I suppose answers to your first question vary from country to country and school to school.

    UBC only admits Canadian citizens and permanent residents to its pharmaceutical program.


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    如果有人想要稍後在他生命中成為一個藥劑師, 那麼他在高中需要修哪些課程?

    如果有人要在 UBC 研究藥學, 那麼在大學的平均成績要多少?