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Way-J 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

請高手幫忙~英文自傳翻譯 (贈20點)







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  • 10 年前



    A:Introduces oneself and individual special characteristic: Hello! I call xxx, works is responsible for, be able earnestly to express the idea to make the human clearly to understand, and explains the information which correctly other people transmit. Can express the mood and maintain suitably the mood is stable. Can the conformity different material, by the logic, systematic way analysis subject. Facing pressure energy use suitable method processing, and maintains the steady work performance and the interpersonal relationship. Plays its role friendly with the team cooperation, in the family altogether has 4 member family financial circumstances to be ordinary, is together harmoniously, the natural disposition is open and bright, also causes me to be together very easily with the human, the interpersonal relationship is good. The studying time often participates in and carries out each activity, for in addition can increase the practice experience, studying period will work the life to accumulate in the future the social work experience, achieves effect which the practice and the specialized knowledge auxiliary will succeed one another. After investment regular duty work, in the team cooperation's work pattern, were still many independent work the opportunity, disciplines achieves ability; The environment causes me to grow fast, studies the more experience of life.


    A:Works, I have work resistant to compression and bump into the question to solve the question ability to be on site to respond that quick resistant to compression , in the individuality likes with the crowd close conversation, and own studies the contribution company, therefore also often hope that and has the international view, hoped that from now on can continue in various domains to pay unceasingly, also hoped that can have this opportunity service and can face company's goal diligently, is developed balanced oneself in various aspects diligently.

    (有點長 慢慢看-ˇ-!) 有何問題請找我 >m<"。

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