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1. My wife is 13 weeks pregnant now, but she doesn't want to go to Australia for that long. So here is my question: What if she goes there around 32 weeks pregnant and unluckly she cannot give birth at public hospitals for lack of vacancies. What can we do? I have heard that giving birth at private hospital is very expensive.

2. We still have some friends in Adelaide. Do you think my friends over there could help us go to any G.P.s and get a letter of recommendation to public hospitals?

3. My wife, my first child and I are currently holding PR. If my second child is able to get the Australia passport, will three of us possibly be able to extend our PR?

4. My wife is going to take my first child with her to Australia. She will be about 28 weeks pregnant along in Australia with 5-year-old son. Is that any possibility that my wife could contact you by phone or something if she encounters some problems?

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    1.32 weeks pregnant is too much of a risk to be flying long haul! She needs a doctor certificate or something if she wants to fly long haul! Most of the airline would not take any pregnant lady that is in the third trimester! Also, because she is pregnant, flying long haul increases the risk of her getting blood clots! I am not joking!!!

    2.Unless your friends have had baby in Australia before, or they would not have a clue about the whole pregnancy thing! In Australia, you go to see your MIDWIFE who will look after you in the hospital! Also, she needs to make up her mind about which hospital she wants to have the baby! So the midwife in that hospital knows about her situation! She will need to do the 12 weeks, 20 weeks scan in that hospital or like you say, you can have the baby in the private. Just need to pay! Private insurance will not cover the cost of pregnancy if she decides to join private insurance!

    3. Your second child will just be PR like you and your wife. She/he doesn't automatically become an Australian citizen unless you and your wife are! Australia is not like America where your child will gain the citizenship by born in that country! In Australia, it depends on the nationality of the parents! Of course it is going to add some advantage to your situation, but not a lot! You still need to meet the criteria for extending your PR!

    4.Like I just mentioned, it is too risky to be flying long haul when she is in her third trimester! Plus, the midwife and doctor here don't have her medical records, they would not have a clue about her pregnancy! Unless both of you and your wife want to take the risk. I don't know where you are now, but once you become an Australian, your second and first child will have Austrlian citizenship as long as they are not over 18 yet!!! I personally don't think it is worth the risk for coming here to give birth if the main thing is for the citizenship!!!!

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