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How to get rid of spiders?

How do I get rid of spiders?

I saw one yesterday on the wall of my room, it moved very fast i didnt know

what to do that moment? its disgusting cause I couldnt sleep the whole night, and

I am afraid of being bit


my god its quite big as a man's hand

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    How do I get rid of spiders?

    This guide will help you get rid of spiders

    . without harmful chemicals.


    Step 1: Vacuum carpets and windowsills

    . Vacuum your floors on a regular basis to eliminate any spider eggs.

    . Use an attachment to vacuum corners and windowsills.

    第1步: 真空地毯和窗臺

    . 經常吸塵您的地板消滅所有蜘蛛雞蛋,

    . 使用一個附件吸塵角落和窗臺。

    Step 2: Remove cobwebs

    . Remove cobwebs whenever they appear. 第2步: 去除蜘蛛網

    . 去除蜘蛛網,每當他們出现。

    Step 3: Use a dehumidifier in the basement. Use a dehumidifier to eliminate spiders from your basement.. Maintain a 40 percent humidity level.第3步:使用一臺抽濕機在地下室

    . 使用一臺抽濕機從您的地下室消滅蜘蛛。

    . 維護一個40%濕氣水平。

    Step 4: Eliminate the food source. Eliminate food sources by exterminating insects

    . the spiders are feeding on.

    第4步: 消滅食物來源

    . 通过滅绝蜘蛛喂养的昆蟲消滅食物來源。

    Step 5: Prevent entry. Prevent the entry of spiders in your home by sealing

    . your windows and doors.. Install a screen on the outside of your dryer vent to

    . prevent spider entry.第5步: 防止詞條

    . 通过密封您的窗口和門防止蜘蛛詞條在您的家。

    . 安裝一個屏幕在您的更加乾燥的出氣孔的外部防止蜘蛛詞條。

    Step 6: Use eucalyptus and hedge apples. Force spiders out of their hiding spots by putting eucalyptus leaves

    . or hedge apples where you most commonly see spiders.

    第6步: 用玉樹和樹籬蘋果

    . 強迫蜘蛛在他們掩藏的斑點外面通过投入玉樹葉子或

    . 您共同地看見蜘蛛的樹籬蘋果。

    Step 7: Enjoy your home. Enjoy your home, free of these unwanted visitors.第7步: 享受您的家. 享受您的家,免于這些不需要的訪客。

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    Gee, so many advices.

    Buy a can of pesticide sprayer as 001 recommended.

    As you said it moves fast. I doubt firefighter or vacuum can help. And you can hardly maintain your room humidity below 40%.

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    如果 你找到一個黑寡婦蜘蛛,可以粉碎它或用吸塵機吸了它。.如果您用袋密封它,冷凍過夜殺掉它。If you locate a blackwidow spider, it can be crushed or vacuumed up. If you vacuum one up, seal up the bag and stick it inthe freezer overnight to kill it. http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/pest-control/how...

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    You can call the firefighter to get rid of the spider.

    Apart from putting out the fire,it's part of their service.

    Last time I call them to take away a bee hive in my apartment.

    They remove them quite easily and efficiently due to their expertise in this skill

    and the protection measures they take.

    I suggest you to call the firefighter.

    And don't worry if they will drive a fireengine to your place.

    They would only send one or two of their people.

    If you tell them clearly about the situation

    By the way, spider that size might be poisonous.

    Take my suggestion since it would be safer for you.

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