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    歌名 Lonely

    演唱 P. Diddy featuring Mark Curry, Kain & Kokane

    專輯 The Saga Continues...(2001)


    [Kokane begins stutter-singing the word lonely]

    [P. Diddy]

    This goes out to my nigga B.I.G.

    Listen to me playboy, check dis out

    I go, on and on and on and

    Won't take her to the crib unless she's bonin'

    PD call her on the phone and

    Promise I'll leave her moanin'

    Now she zonin'

    Tellin' me she's all alone and

    Love the dark chocolate tone and

    Ahead of my time, I live what's said in my rhymes

    The cars and the chedda is mine

    We ain't, the type to sit back and lose focus

    Spit that mack-a-docious

    Most ferocious

    Cash all in my holsters

    Burn more bread than toasters

    You must know this, the cats I'm with is the coldest

    Hip-hop quota but quote this

    Back on the track again, thats whats happenin'

    Please believe it, we on top and won't leave it

    [Chorus: Kokane]

    Sometimes I feel like I'm lonely

    And sometimes I feel like I'm lonely


    Uh, uh, yeah

    Ey yo C-I-O-F-F-I-E

    Q-U-double E-N-Z

    Come on ma your riding with me

    Leave the lame respect the game

    When you hanging on my arm you expect the same

    And, extasy when you sex the Kain

    I, only link with the wealthiest

    And only cop jewels if it drop celcius

    Now, you can run but you can never hide

    But, where you go when the temperature rise

    It's Bad Boy see death in ya eyes

    Kain Cioffe the next on the rise

    Damagin' shit hot stamina split

    You got screwball raps we the hammerin' clique

    Limo, the club, and the cameras'll flip

    Money, music women son we standin' in it HA!


    [Mark Curry]

    Yo, yo, yo, yo

    Don't panic, don't take this for granted

    I did then still do and always ran it

    A lot to gain when I say I'm off the chain

    The shit I spit...burn flames

    Who's controllin' this

    I can make the bitches grin

    Cuz I get money and run with the richest men

    Knockin' at ya door it's Curry again

    Been down since the jump off begin

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