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T-shirts vs. Shirts

Why is a T-shirt called a shirt in a story? The drawing of a shirt is like a

long-sleeved T-shirt. I really get confused.

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    Check the definitions of T-shirt and Shirts =>

    Shirt:a piece of clothing worn, especially by men, on the upper part of the body, made of light cloth like cotton and usually having a collar and buttons at the front. T-shirt:a simple piece of clothing which covers the top part of the body and which has no collar and usually short sleeves

    So, a T-shirt is a kind of shirt which has no collar and usually short sleeves.

    參考資料: Geoffery T.的f淺見
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    為什麼 T卹襯衫稱為一個故事嗎?繪畫的襯衫是像

    長袖 T卹。我真的弄糊塗。

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