UCD transfer to UCB

大家好~我是今年UCD的大一 新生~我的major是 environmental science and management....我想請教~將來如果我將來想要轉到UCB or UCLA~我要做什麼準備呢?GPA大概要多少才有機會呢? GE課和我prepararoey subject 這種課要注意什麼呢? 最少要拿多少學分才可以轉呢 ?還有除了課業以外~學校還看中什麼嘛? more details will be much appreciated.....
更新: Sorry...what do u mean by it does not seems that my major is not offered on both campus... Environmental science does offered both in Davis and berkerly... .so I still need to take SAT ? I thought it would just based on my grade in Davis...do you have any specific link.? Assist.org...what else..thx
更新 2: I see...So UCB do offer right....? U mention high SAT score...so I need to take it in college? Or the UCB admission look for high school SAT score?? How about SAT 2? How many recommendation from professors? Don't they also look for activities? Or leadership?
更新 3: May I have ur email or msn and contact u in person??
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