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麻煩幫我將周杰倫的歌 我落淚情緒零碎 翻譯成英文和拼音

因為有個國外的朋友 很喜歡這首歌 想知道意思 和學唱 所以請我幫忙他

麻煩請會的朋友 幫我翻譯一下 拜託了 非常感謝^^



地上 斷了翅的蝶

霧散之後的 滿月

原來愛 跟心碎

都可以很 細節

聽夜風繞過 幾條街

秋天瘦了滿地 的落葉


感性的句子 都枯萎 凋謝

*我不想再寫 隨手撕下這一頁(這一頁)

原來詩跟離別 可以沒有結尾(沒有結尾)

憔悴後悔等等 這些

於是我 把詩摺疊

郵寄出感覺 夾一束白玫瑰



我不落淚 忍住感覺

分手在起風 這個季節

哭久了會累 也只是別人的以為

冷的咖啡 我清醒著 一再續杯

我落淚 情緒零碎

妳的世界 一幕幕紛飛

門外的薔薇 帶刺傷人的很直接

過去被翻閱 結局滿天的 風雪

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    I cry the mood to be fragmentary

    After ground broke wing's butterfly fog has lifted plenilune original love with brokenhearted to be possible the detail

    Listened to the night wind to bypass several streets autumn thin fallen leaf therefore another all night perceptual sentence everywhere to wither dies of old age

    * I do not want to write again tear down this page (this page) the original poem with to leave conveniently may not have the ending (not to have ending) the thin and pale regret and so on these I to mail the poem fold the feeling to clamp a bunch of white rose reprint to like from you returning

    I will not cry bear the feeling bid good-bye am getting windy this season to cry for a long time tired also only will be others thought that the cold coffee I sobered am continuing the cup repeatedly

    I cried the mood to be fragmentary you world to flutter about the wrong side of the door wild rose belt to stab the human very directly to glance through in the past result wind and snow all over the sky

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