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英文----I want to talk to you about my class

這樣可以嗎﹖另外,want可以直接替換成need 、wish、hope嗎﹖句子會如何變化﹖還有talk to you 可以用成talk with you 嗎﹖


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    The common expression is “I would like to talk to you about …..(my class, my course, the subjects, the timetable….).”

    If you have no appointment but would like to talk to the person you can say “Do you have a minute? I would like to talk to you about……” if the person has no time for a talk he/she will ask you to make an appointment. He or she might say

    ‘I can’t talk right now. Do you want to make an appointment?’ your reply would be ‘yes, please.’

    If the person did not mention about the appointment, for example, ‘oh, I am sorry. I can’t have a chat right now, may be another time.’ If you really have to talk to the person then you reply ‘Could I make an appointment? I really want to talk to you about….’

    ‘Want’ is – a person has a desire for having or doing something. For example, you have a house. The house is in good condition but you don’t like the color. You want to repaint it but the thing is you can live in without repaint the house. You simply want to repaint it, to look good, to feel good.

    ‘Need’ is – for example, I am hungry. If I don’t eat my lunch or dinner I will faint or feel weak. So I need the food to relief the tension building up in my body. I need to eat so I won’t faint. I can’t live without food. I need it.

    Hope is something you want to do or have in the future. For example both husband and wife have to work and earn a living so they can pay their mortgage. A friend asks the wife ‘Are you working?’ The wife answers ‘I hope my husband would let me stay at home.’ May be one day she can, in the near future.

    ‘Wish’ is quite similar to ‘hope’. Wish is more to do with a desire but hope is more to do with a belief that will have a positive outcome.

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    基本上,talk to you=talk with you,但「talk with you」讓人聽起來更舒服。


    「want」是比較不禮貌的講法,用「would like」會更好,且意思和「want」一樣。

    「need」應該是用在比較強烈的語氣上,例如你犯了錯,老師就會說:「I need to talk with your mother.」(我須要好好地很你媽媽談談。)


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    The most polite way to go is to use 'wish'. Using 'want' or 'need' are not as polite as you could be.

    Yes, using 'talk with you' is not only OK, but also preferred.

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    I want to talk about my course with you.

    I want to talk about my class with you.