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歡迎來到我的小屋(a European house)! 首先喝杯果汁(juice)吧! 吃吃冰淇淋(a soft serve cone),參觀園子。西瓜(watermelon)和香蕉(bananas)大豐收,蕪菁(turnip)和茄子(eggplant)也長的好。鳳梨(pineapple)就不夠黃了,還是夏威夷的棒。蟬聲(cicada)嘶鳴,蚱蜢(grasshopper)雀躍,蝸牛(snail)靜靜的爬著,蝦子(prawn)在池塘悠遊。送你獎牌(medal)和小熊(a bear holding a heart),前者是讚揚你當了義工28年,後者是我的心意。祝福你




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    Please follow the directions and browse the following paper craft.

    Welcome to my European house! At first, just have a cup of juice and a soft serve cone, and then look around the garden(or the greenhouse.)

    There's a harvest from watermelon and the bananas; the turnip and the eggplant also grow well. However, the pineapple are still green, maybe they're always good in Hawaii.

    The cicadas produce sound loudly, grasshoppers are active in the grass, the snails crawl silently, the prawn swims in pond pleasantly.

    Give you a medal and a bear holding a heart, the former is a compliment for you've been a public service volunteer for 28 years, and the latter is a special present for you.

    Sincerely yours


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    Sincerely yours 應擺在末句空一(或二)行句尾 與末句對齊

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    Welcome to my European house !

    Drink a cup of fruit juice at first!

    Eat and eat a soft serve cone,

    Visit the garden。

    The water-melon and great bumper harvest of banana ,

    turnipand eggplant grow well 。

    The pineapple is not yellow enough on,

    Hawaii is excellent 。

    Cicada's sound whinnies ,

    The grasshopper gambols,

    The snail climbs silently ,

    The prawn visits on the pond leisurely 。

    Give the medal and a bear holding a heart to you ,

    It has been in voluntary labour for 28 years that the former praised you, the latter is my compliment. Bless you

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