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急 要翻譯這篇 簡介 中翻英

宗茗製茶廠 簡介



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    These tea tea factory This tea is produced in one of the above, the elevation alpine Mesa kilometer, this area climate clouds cold wet seasons, day and night temperature difference ridge cap, in this exceptional natural environment grow, shoots and leaves a soft, fleshy, green, by hand-picking ㄧ heart leaves or clover is to ensure the quality of the experienced producer artisans in strict, this tea taste delicious smell the fragrance, sliding soft is for a gift at Acura tea.

    Our factory was established in the year 1989, grandfather, mother founded in 1931, in the mountains around picking wild tea, homemade, then made tea baking, take the c train to mile Hill at the foot of trafficking, is the third generation of management, in order to maintain traditional flavor, is to support the use of hand-picking, bamboo baskets of withering, to keep the scent of tea Ching, and received numerous awards.

    參考資料: 我全部都翻了..包刮這一段(宗茗製茶廠 簡介)
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    Zong Mingzhi the tea reprocessing factory introduces

    this tea to produce above the Ali Mountain forest railroad the mountain Taiwan place, above the elevation kilometer, this area climate wet cold, the four seasons fog ridge cover, the temperature difference is day and night big, grows in this advantageous natural environment, the bud leaf soft, is plump, is Paris green, after picks manually picks ㄧ heart two or three for guarantees the quality to become again by the experienced master craftsman strict supervised manufacture, this tea taste glycol slides softly, the smell delicate fragrance, is uses for oneself presents two suitable sides to judge tea.

    This factory set up in 1989, the grandfather, the mother about 1931 namely picked first from in the mountain pick the wild tea tree, the self-restraint, rub twist, dry cultivate make the tea, travelled by under Arab League forest fire in the mountains Che Zhishan to trade, presently for the third generation management and operation, for the maintenance tradition flavor, is persisted with picked manually picks, the bamboo gross fading, maintained the tea clear fragrance, and won an award innumerably.