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    歌名 Last Night

    歌手 Allen Iverson aka Jewelz feat. Ty Gracie

    Allen Iverson(艾倫·艾佛森)是美國NBA籃球運動員


    這首歌本來是要放在2001年說要出的 Non-Fiction 專輯

    由於40 Bars這首歌詞的爭議 專輯改叫做Misunderstood

    但最後並未發行他的這首張專輯 Misunderstood

    在itunes看到 2010年4月發行的Misunderstood專輯中並沒有這首歌


    yo yo whats boorgy town

    i beat show maker rule shake it shake it down

    i be the negro what a ha profa

    everybody come on

    we will be the shaker what'a crazy star

    so what everybody had enjoyed crazy wild look (down)

    rock it in the sigh

    chilly women happy (wow)

    be the big down explaining the heart but super cheater

    baby baby come on

    you better rock with me

    i be the hasha blade for no what you may lay in

    making everybody scream

    making everybody dance

    i am the king of the swear

    or will you rock in dead

    cause when we in the place that we talk in shock in the world

    cause we will bullshit and speak makes it rocks in a


    last night a jewel saved my life, now that all you want

    last night a jewel saved my life, there's a party going on

    last night a jewel saved my life, now is bergy time

    last night a jewel saved my life, there's a party going on now

    yo wow wrong wanna a chair

    super negro wanna said

    hanging out man negro show will love

    some of a faggot

    you are murd when i dread to make a (reabian) connect

    to yo babies dont try helicopter pipe-check

    we'll be smoking a cigar

    so as bad as sharper

    rocking down somebody everywhere of a party over there

    man (scrool) sweetie homie sot all the danstroll mad all

    train the city cause we the best droll

    size the rockies to flat by a squash

    like a super star try to right up at the top

    whoever say no way, check it out the quality's down

    whoever like it or moaning out turning our stuff around


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