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The matrix material used was a two component epoxy system consisting of a diglycidyl ether of trimethylolpropane (TPM, TRIEPOX GA) from Gairesa, Spain and m-xylylenediamine 99% pure(m-XDA), from Aldrich chemical Co., as curing agent. Both components were supplied by Gairesa. TPM is high thixotropic resin with low density and capability for cure at room temperature without plasticizers or additives [32–34]. The fumed silica was provided by Ferroata´ ntica ItD Spain. It is a fine powder with variable colour (from almost black to slightly-off white, depending on the carbon content). A closer examination by electron microscopy reveals submicron spheres with a mean particle size of 0.15 m. Surface area analysis typically gives values around 20 m2/g. Particle size distribution is shown in Table 1. Chemically, it consists of amorphous SiO2 with variable purity. Chemical composition and some physical properties are reported in Table 2.


Thermal stability of fumed silica/epoxy composites was evaluated by classical methods before and after subtraction of the filler content from the TGA curves. While the Tmax parameter is independent of the filler content, a better insight of IDT, IPDT and integration of DTG curves was obtained after subtraction of the filler content. It was found that the thermal degradation behavior of the resinwas affected by the silica content in two different ways. Some thermal stability improvement was explained as silica layer formation. Some worsening of the thermal stability is probably due to the negative effect of the silica on the cure and to the small amount of silanol groups on the fumed silica to create substantial hydrogen bonding between the organic and inorganic phases.Minimum variation of IDT between replicateswas found at 5% mass loss, which indicates that this percentage is a good reference pointfor calculating the IDT parameter.



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    基体材料用的是一种二组分环氧系统包括三羟甲基丙烷二缩水甘油醚(TPM的,TRIEPOX谷氨酸Gairesa,西班牙和m - xylylenediamine)99%纯(间的Xda)组成的奥尔德里奇化工有限公司,为固化剂。这两个组件都提供了Gairesa。 TPM是高,密度低,在室温下固化的能力没有触变性树脂增塑剂或添加剂[32-34]。气相二氧化硅是由Ferroata'ntica信息技术司西班牙。这是一个可变的颜色几乎黑色(以细粉稍微过白,取决于碳含量)。一个由电子显微镜揭示了仔细审查了0.15米的平均粒径次微米球面积分析典型值约20平方米提供/克粒度分布见表1。化学,它由无定形二氧化硅纯度与变量。化学组成和物理性质的一些报告表2。


    热稳定性的气相二氧化硅/是用传统方法之前和之后,从TGA曲线评价填料含量减法环氧树脂复合材料。虽然Tmax分别参数是填料含量,1万威,IPDT和DTG曲线积分得到更好地了解独立后的填料含量减法。据发现,由两种不同的方式影响了resinwas二氧化硅含量的热降解行为。有些热稳定性的改善,解释为硅层的形成。一些热稳定性恶化可能是由于对治疗二氧化硅的负面影响和对气相法白炭黑对硅羟基之间建立少量的有机和无机之间replicateswas内幕交易审裁处phases.Minimum氢键发现重大变化质量损失为5%,这表明这一比例是一个很好的参考pointfor IDT的参数计算。


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