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※請良心點不要用翻譯軟體或網頁翻~~那種我也會~且一看就看出來了= =※

※請良心點不要用翻譯軟體或網頁翻~~那種我也會~且一看就看出來了= =※



請不要用翻譯軟體或網頁翻~~那種我也會~且一看就看出來了= =

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  • 10 年前


    Because traditional used "strength and toughness evaluation method of seismic resistance and protest of the" structures of seismic resistance capacity results too conservative, because it did not take into account the structure of nonlinear variant, the results of the analysis and practical structures under earthquake response differently. The National Center for research on earthquake engineering June 1998 audit adopted a set of seismic evaluation method, is to "push method" NCREE side, the study of the content on this new set of seismic evaluation method for in-depth research, the use of non-linear static ETABS thruster analysis, and the results and the traditional strength and toughness evaluation method of seismic resistance and to compare the results against the difference of two sets of procedures to do with the practicality of a discussion.

    Key words: earthquake assessment, NCREE, thruster, ETABS.

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  • 草莓
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    10 年前


    Because the tradition often uses “the intensity toughness vibration-proof appraisal law” to make the structure vibration-proof ability result extremely in conservative, because this law has not considered to the structure the misalignment aberration, causes its analysis result and the actual building is shaken the response to have a difference. But the country seismic engineering Research center verified in 98 year in June adopted a set of vibration-proof appraisal law, was “the NCREE side pushes the law”, content of this research will do the thorough research to this set of new vibration-proof appraisal method, used ETABS the misalignment static side to know and be contented with one's lot analyzes, and compared the obtained result and result of the traditional intensity toughness vibration-proof appraisal method, made a discussion differences and the usability in view of the two set of program.

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