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Describe a map you would make.

I need some example or ideas.?

This is a weird assignment assign by my English teacher.

It says describe a map you would make.

Why people would be interest in that?

What is the purpose of this map?

What you are hoping to get out of it?

What do you think about this assignment, any ideas or suggestions?


Well, she just want us to write whatever we could think of,

As well as reading ch.1 The writer as explorer

-making discoveries

--look with new eyes

--Explore the world

--find a territory

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I think something about my life or my future will be great.

But how would you start it? or what would you put in it?

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    Describe a map you would make.Let me try to describe the place I say is a small market.

    The One of Tianmun's Markets [天母 ] The traditional market like Shi-Ton is that we understand

    . the one of the ruled model traditional markets rewarded by

    . Taipei City Goverment.

    Rarely, it's the two floor of constructional building which consists of

    . the excellent shops sold the goods such as jewelry, antiques, .

    . clothes, as well as several snacks eating foods for

    .the vistors they taste, all there set on up floor.

    The general stores provide such as the meats,fishs,vegetables, groceries, . and so on, its set at the base floor.

    It’s the hustling and bustling here in Shi-ton Market which is near

    . Zhong-Shsn .Rd, and is located beside the intersection of

    . Shi-Ton Rd ,. . to Chung-Cheng Nd.too,

    It’s also the prosperity and a popular sightseeing spot in

    . the centrial part of Tianmun area.

    Du to grab business opportunities,and to establish key points, .

    . businessmen have looked for the browse stores.Not only, there are some Supershoping Malls; Carry-Four,

    . Dayeh Takshimaya, Shin-Kong ;

    . but also,the same as growing there up.The Shi- Ton traditional market now is really to face itself the serious

    . competition.

    By the way, MRT will be connected here in Tianmun.

    It's very convenient in near feature ,

    . welcome you so much at one day trip.

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    Type 'create an imaginative map' and google it. You will get heaps of resources. Good luck.