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the different among the words

Can anybody explain the differences among

situtation, evironment,circumstance

thanks a lot!!

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    ( A ) situation

    處境, 境遇[C]He is in a difficult situation.他處境困難。形勢; 情況; 局面[C]The economic situation is now different.現在經濟形勢不同了。

    ( B )environment

    環境; 四周狀況[C][S1]Children need a happy home environment.孩子們需要愉快的家庭環境。自然環境; 生態環境[the S]It is highly important to preserve the environment.維護自然環境至關重要。

    ( C ) circumstance

    情況, 環境; 情勢[P]In normal circumstances I would have resigned immediately.在正常情況下, 我本會馬上辭職的。事件, 事實; (有關)事項[C]His arrival was a happy circumstance.他的來到是一件令人高興的事。境況; 境遇; 經濟狀況[P]They have been living in reduced circumstances since John lost his job.約翰失業後, 他們一直生活拮据。細節; 詳情[C][U]The explorer told of his adventure with great circumstance.探險者詳細敘述了他的冒險經歷。機遇; 命運[C]He became a victim of circumstances.他成了命運的犧牲品