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求短劇 Mad TV - Gay Gangster 的台詞


突然想到之前的這部 「黑道同志情」



而且他們講得有點快 要一個字一個字找出來真的有點難



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X: i will be u and u will be me.

Y: yeah, i will be u.

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  • Mike
    Lv 5
    10 年前

    Hey you tell _____ to meet me at the Lafeyette underpass, OK? Hey, and he'd better bring that suitcase too. Now go!Well, well, well, what do we have here?I believe I gave you 24 hours to disappear.Yeah? Well I ain't bouncing!Yeah, specifically gave you 24 hours to get out of town, and here it is, 48 hours later, and you still standing here. That's disrespect!Well I don't care what you call it, alright? Cuz I'm like a rock, son!Oh you're like a rock, huh?Yeah, I'm a rock, I don't moveOk let me understand this correctly then: you're like a rock and rock don't move huh? Rock moved!Ok, you know what? You need to be a little bit careful about what you be pushing, alright? Because the laws of physics clearly state that an object you might push might come and push you back.So you wanna do this now?Yeah I wanna do this nowYou wanna do this right here?Yeah yeah!Let's do this! / let's go let's go!What the hell were you doing man?What you mean man?You just grabbed my assI was about to kick your ass manWell then, kick it, don't grab itCome on man / let's go!You did it againDid what?You grabbed my assMan I was doing no such thing man! That's wishful thinkingWhat? Man I don't wish you grab my assYou looking at me with them googly eyesYou wanna go? / let's goWhat the hell you doing?What you mean man?You look like you was preparing to give me oral dogMan I was doing no such thingWhat the hell were you doing man?Kung fuWhat kind of kung fu move involves a man getting on his knees and sticking his face in another man's junk?It's a Jacky Chan moveDo yo not see what you're doing?I don't see itOk then let me show you what you're doing alright?I'm gonna be you and you gonna be meI'm gonna be you and you gonna show meI'm gonna be you and you be meOh ok I'll be youOk alright you come I me like I came at you. Alright? I'm you and you gonna be...Let's go let's goWhat the hell you doing? / I'm being youI did not just stand there with my hands all relaxing about like this manYou fight like a stiffOk you know what? You come at me like I came at youOh you want me to come at you... I think I understand / Exactly the way I came at you ok? I'm gonna be you and you gonna be meThis is wrong man. This is so wrong.Yeah? yeah what's so wrong about it?I thought you was with someone manNo, I broke up with the ______ couple weeks agoWell then come here Mr. ManIt's ok baby. It's ok baby. Cry it out baby, go and cry it out.

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