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我要發問What is actor?

What is actor?

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    What is an actor?

    演員是什麼?An actor is someone or something that interacts with the system.


    The actor is a type ( a class), not an instance.

    那位演員是一種類型 (類) 不是實例。

    The actor represents a role, not an individual user of the system.

    那位演員代表了角色,不是一個系統的單個使用者。Actors can be ranked. A primary actor is one that uses the primary functions of the system. A secondary actor is one that uses secondary functions of the system, those functions that maintain the system, such as managing data bases, communication, backups, and other administration tasks.

    可以排名行動者。 主要演員是使用系統的主要功能。 輔助演員是使用協助工具,那些功能保持系統,例如,管理資料、溝通、 備份和其他管理任務的。

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    1. 男演員; 演員 He was considered the best actor in London. 他當時被看成是倫敦最出色的演員。2. 行為者; 行動者 3. (事件等的)參與者 n.演員; 表演者 trouper performer entertainer stage player n.男演員 actress 名複 : actors

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    如果你要問 actor的意思是

    演員 男演員 表演者 行為者

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