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by 珍妮佛安妮斯頓



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  • ㄚ靜
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    I am living...It is not because of you,I exist...Is also not only then you,

    I am beautiful...It is not to try to please you,But is this originally should so;

    If you see me to see,Perhaps then we may travel together,But must reach an agreement beforehand,Faithful is in the relations the basic rules,If you cannot achieve,Was sorry very much,Not you,I am I,I love me。


  • 1 0 年前

    I live ... not because of you, I was not there ... only you, my beautiful ... not to please you, but that this should be so; if you see what I see, so we may be able to peer, but prior to that, the faithful is the Basic code in the relationship, if you do, then I'm sorry, I'm nothing without you, I love myself.

    By Jennifer Aniston

  • 1 0 年前

    I neither live nor exist for you. My beauty does not thrive for your happiness. If you perceive what I see, we will walk on the same pathway. However, loyalty in part of relationship is the most essential element that reinforces our love. If you do not accept this statement, I am still me. Without you, I will be myself. I love myself.

    By Jennifer Aniston

    參考資料: my brain