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    When I was admitted to the University of Southern schools, but I do not want parents to worry parents, I think about my future direction? Reminds me of the dream as a principal of an hour, I still remember when he was in kindergarten of happy childhood, in kindergarten or often return after graduation Park are looking for my mother to see that the former teacher, I am a very weakened, man. looking at emerging kindergarten teacher mind I was kindergarten teacher a lot of shade. Finally, I choose work-study, student enrichment AAA self. Here there are dedicated teachers. open Kay continued to give careful personal knowledge of my early childhood. From a more theoretical basis for the first year began to study. people listen to a recall, I strive to copy class notes, home repeated practice. until the second. third grade is beginning to have confidence in the practice. the face of the relevant report for any situation when the Chu, the open-minded teachers have trouble answering questions patiently. learn lessons of self-growth. This year I have also re-challenge of teacher education degrees core curriculum, there is the experience of the last exam in the direction of understanding. library to find books to read next. finally admitted to teacher training and core curriculum. I will also work and positive attitude to learn more knowledge

    Now, from time to time during the day nutritional care in the garden. Nearly two years of practical experience, Rang I can actually to apply their knowledge. Qiang evening by learning by the relevant courses into the Yuan, Ru; classroom management. Kindergarten curriculum design. Children Xing Wei observe ... to make child care center starting point. according to age into the development of design courses, with children grow and learn to become happy with the future masters