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  • 10 年前

    Since we met in the beginning till now, I never thought we would be together (I guess you think so, right?) Maybe it is fatal that we were meant to be together.

    Although we have some difficulties because of distance and language, I still love you no matter what difficulties we met. And I hope we can try our best to get over these.

    I admit that I am not mature enough since sometimes I felt jealous to your past, but it made us know each other more than before.

    we haven't been together for long, but I learned we love each other so much.

    I don't know it is good or not that we decide to get together in a short time, but what I know is I really love you so much than I thought!

    I want to be with you as long as possible.

    I wanna be right beside you and do everything with you.

    I feel sad I can't be with you now because of distance.

    Hope we will not end our relationship because of this reason.

    Maybe I am not good enough comparing to your ex-boyfriend, and also I can't express what I wanna tell you in English, so please forgive me.

    In the end, I wanna say Happy Birthday to you, and hope you will like my gift.

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  • 10 年前

    From our first encounter to the present, I did not think we could be together (You should also find it so), this may be your and my fate!

    Although because of distance and language barriers, but the love your heart will not change because of these reasons.

    Hope we can work to overcome these problems.

    For your past, I admit that my own maturity, jealousy will occasionally jealous, but also because this way we better understand each other.

    We recognize that the time may not be long, but I can find both love each other deeply.

    I do not know know such a short time together is good or bad?

    But the only thing I know is that I really love you.

    If possible I would like with long, long time.

    I would like to accompany your side, whether it is dinner, watching movies, travel, want to do anything with you.

    However, because of the relationship between the distance I can not part from you.

    For these reasons I hope we will not lose each other.

    I may not as you've gone out with people, because my language relations, often can not express in English the meaning of my heart, so also please forgive me.

    Finally, I wish you a happy birthday, wish to send your gift you will like.


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  • 10 年前

    Meet which just started from us to the present, I had not thought that we (will be supposed also such to think together in you), this will possibly be you and my fate! Because although is away from and the language barrier, but loves your heart not will change because of these reasons. Also hoped that we may diligently overcome these questions. Regarding yours past, I acknowledged that is I not 夠 mature, occasionally will be jealous will be jealous, but because also like this our each other will understand opposite party. We knew the time is not perhaps long, but I may discover that each other likes being very deep. I did not know that the understanding such short time in together is good or bad? But what I knew is only I really loves you very much. If possible I want in to be very together long am very long. I want to accompany side you, no matter is eats meal together, looked that the movie, the travel, handle any matter to want with you in the same place. Because what a pity the distance relates me not to be able 夠 to accompany side you. Hoped that we will not lose opposite party because of these reasons. I possibly was inferior to you before has associated the human, because of mine language relations, did not have the means to express my innermost feelings frequently with English the meaning, therefore also invited your excuse me. Finally, wishes your happy birthday, hoped that will deliver your gift you to like.

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