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Tsai John 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

at 跟 on 哪個對

Research on **** topic

Research at *** topic

study on *** topic

study at *** topic

Outlook at

Outllok on

analysis on

analysis at


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  • 10 年前

    1 - He was rewarded for his excellent research on the cure of HIV disease.

    2 - She studies on Marine Biology with all her heart.

    3 - Just early this morning before opening bell, Sun MicroSystem announced that its sales outlook on new line of products would be soaring.

    4 - She got A+ from her Economic 201 class for her excellent analysis on IOWA State Health Care Budget.

    Well, I hope this has helped you a bit... Context does have a influnce on English composition. The following example shows another perspective.

    1. He finished all his research at both State Library and City Hall Library.

    2. She continues her adult study at local college.

    3. The CEO presented his financial outlook at annual Board of Directors meeting..

    4. Celine was so excited since Professor Lueinsky decided to recommend Celine's financial statement analysis at Scholarship Application Center.

    So, you noticed the difference between "on" and "at"? In North America we generally use "at" to emphasize location or place of event that takes place.

    Anyway, hope I could help you more but it is too late and I want to go to bed. hahaha. Good luck to you and your works.

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