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onion 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂音樂其他:音樂 · 1 0 年前



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  • 1 0 年前


    演唱: Counting Crows 數烏鴉合唱團

    曲名: Accidentally In Love 意外墬入情網

    專輯: Shrek 2 Soundtrack (2004年發行)


    So she said what's the problem baby

    What's the problem I don't know

    Well maybe I'm in love (love)

    Think about it every time

    I think about it

    Can't stop thinking about it

    How much longer will it take to cure this

    Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love (love)

    Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing about love

    Come on, come on

    Turn a little faster

    Come on, come on

    The world will follow after

    Come on, come on

    Because everybody's after love

    So I said I'm a snowball running

    Running down into the spring that's coming

    All this love melting under blue skies

    Belting out sunlight

    Shimmering love

    Well baby I surrender

    To the strawberry ice cream

    Never ever end of all this love

    Well I didn't mean to do it

    But there's no escaping your love

    These lines of lightning

    Mean we're never alone,

    Never alone, no, no

    Come on, Come on

    Move a little closer

    Come on, Come on

    I want to hear you whisper

    Come on, Come on

    Settle down inside my love

    Come on, come on

    Jump a little higher

    Come on, come on

    If you feel a little lighter

    Come on, come on

    We were once upon a time in love

    We're accidentally in love

    Accidentally in love(X7)


    I'm In Love (X6)


    I'm in love (X6)


    Come on, come on

    Spin a little tighter

    Come on, come on

    And the world's a little brighter

    Come on, come on

    Just get yourself inside her love

    I'm in love