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●Applicants who want a "Letter of Conditional Eligibility" for admission to San Francisco State University must also submit:

Graduate Students: original certified English language translations of their university grades and evidence of award of degree. (Graduate students must also gain departmental admission to graduate programs,) and must contact the individual departments to find out if there are additional admissions requirements for specific programs.

請問他的意思是說我讀完語言學校然後他會給我一張Letter of Conditiondal Eligibility 的證明,然後我必須拿我在台灣的大學畢業證書去申請研究所,(以及先獲得舊金山州大研究所入學許可)嗎?如果是這樣,我是不是在讀語言學校時就要先申請舊金山州大的研究所?因為我有看過申請研究所條件其中一條是如果托福沒有達到成績,必須先讀舊金山州大的語言學校。我就是怕我先申請研究所,如果他連入學許可的證明不給我的話,我要怎麼讀語言學校。



If you do not meet the minimum TOEFL requirement, you can NOT be admitted conditionally to the M.A. TESOL program. To build your English proficiency and academic skills in preparation for graduate study,

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you may want to consider studying at the American Language Institute on the SFSU campus. At the ALI you will have opportunities to prepare for and take the TOEFL.所以請教各位,如果我要申請的科系托福標準是95,那像我現在考70的話可以試著申請看看嗎?但我擔心學校1.直接不入取2.給我一張證明我有申請,但必須上語言學校的托福班?

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    Simply saying - the language school is optional.

    Based on the same website, applying via ALI has the following advantages:

    - Use an ALI institutional (paper) TOEFL score (must receive their TOEFL score during the semester of attendance).

    - Receive a pre-evaluation of their school transcripts to determine if they have a high enough grade point average.

    - Apply during their final semester of study at the ALI, even when SF State deadlines have passed.

    - Receive assistance with the application process from the International Student Advisors.

    However, it does not mean they are easy on you for the rest of admission requirement.

    In other word, if you are not qualified anyway, enrolling in ALI WILL NOT give you any advantages at all.

    As you have not mentioned your academic result and test scores, so it is difficult to say you need this program or not.

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    TESOL is a program to teach English. So they will have a very strict requirement on TOEFL.

    They will not make exception.

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    Applicants who want a "Letter of Conditional Eligibility" for admission to San Francisco State University must also submit:

    你可以單純申請語言中心,不過,這句說的是: "如果,你要申請San大學的話,你必須連帶繳交下列的東西


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    妳看的懂 Gary 說的嗎?


    if not...



    還是要由妳申請的科系系上審核委員通過 (通常是教授)


    ((( 這種狀況是妳本科程度太遜~或是轉系的學生)))