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我的英文作文很爛 所以想麻煩專家幫我批改一下 謝謝

恩 我的英文作文很爛 所以想麻煩專家幫我批改一下 謝謝

題目是要以Laughter is better than medicine.為題


To remain health, laughter is better then medicine. There are many illustrations showed in the news reports. The patients who suffer from cancers usually be told by their doctors that they had only a few months to live. Instead of feeling desperate, they tried to be optimistic during the treat period. Fortunately, some of them could live longer than their doctors expected.

In my experience, I had never suffered from any serious diseases, but I always feel melancholic when someone criticized me about my appearance or my educational background. Instead of being upset then taking the anti-melancholic medicine, I try to smile and face in the mirror every morning. When I smile, I get more delighter in my emotion. I think it is the best way to me instead of taking the anti-melancholic medicine. The above examples show that it is indeed true that laughter is better than medicine.

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    "Laughter is better than medicine" when it comes to maintain health and there are numerous evidence to back this phrase up. Very often medical doctors have to honestly point out to his or her patient that he or she has only only a few months to live after fatal diseases are diagnosed. Doctors usually encourage patients to be optimistic and hopeful to the following medical treatment. Those patients who keep optimistic and have faith in life usually survive more than six months than those who give up hope at beginning of medical treatment.Is sum, laughter is better than medicine is more than just keep one's physical health but also beneficial to one's mental wellbeing.

    I have never experienced any of serious disease. However, I do feel depressed and fraustrated when people criticize my physical appearance and my lack of higher education. Instead of feeling helpless and pitty for myself; I always wear smile on my face and practice smile in front of mirror every morning to remind myself of my advantages I have. I feel so confident when thinking of my strength and advantages I have. I do not think there is any medicine better than my self-confidence and my smile on my face everyday.

    The examples above show it is truely indeed that laughter is better than medicine.


    I take out "melancholic" and taking medicine part from your original paragraph because I don't like negative subjects in paragraph. Also, make your paragraph as simple as possible will get you better score since you deliver clear message to your reader. Use melancholic will not give you better score. Make your statement clear will give you better score. Practice "K.I.S.S." will help your English and score.

    FYI: K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple and Stupid.

    I always enjoy helping out people like you who do put in time and efforts to learn how to use English to their advantage. I believe this is your authentic work and wish my help is good enough for you.

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    小小建議 拼錯一個字 frustrated

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    Excellent job N.P!!!!. ,I can proudly say that I've learned something today. Thanks a lot!!