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麻糬 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂明星與名人 · 10 年前

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Janis Joplin 27歲就過世了。作為上世紀60年代最引人注目的搖滾女歌手,她唱歌的生涯也沒幾年,但她卻彷彿積蓄了一輩子的力量,在短暫的時間哩,盡全力爆發。

Janis Joplin 的演唱無與倫比,即使她只出了一張專輯,但足夠了。

Janis Joplin從小就不快樂。小時候,她的樣貌成為她最大的障礙,她的膚色、身材、面孔都成為身邊的女孩子們嘲笑的對象。


Janis Joplin 17歲時迷上了音樂,當時走紅的藍調歌星Bessie Smith成為她的偶像。她在酒吧和夜總會駐唱,雜亂的環境和生活的艱辛曾使她一度對唱歌喪失信心。

1966年他加入了Big Brother樂團,她獨特的唱腔吸引了大批的歌迷。



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  • 10 年前

    Janis Joplin 27-year-old died. As the 1960s, most notably rock singer, her singing career a few years, but she seemed to have a lifetime of power savings, in a short time, make every effort to break out.

    Janis Joplin singing unmatched, even if she only has one album, but sufficient.

    Janis Joplin was not happy. When I was young, her face became her biggest obstacles, and her colour, shape, faces a wingman kids laugh.

    She can only get with poetry and painting, but hurt lonely but not in her heart, she got an insurmountable inferiority complex.

    Janis Joplin 17-year-old is fascinated with the music, the then popular Blues singer Bessie Smith became her idol. She was singing in bars and nightclubs, messy and difficult had made her once in singing.

    In 1966 he joined the Orchestra of Big Brother, her unique style has attracted a lot of fans.

    Janis became a star. Star status let her more germane to release her fears, her performance was reckless indulgence to enjoyment, so instead has his own fears in her music, we often see some habits of frustration, some self-pity and flooded the BOAI Datong blocks fantasy crazy talk.

    In 1968 she started drinking and using drugs, 1970 Janis 3 October due to the injection of heroin overdose and sudden death. It is pity the fall of the Giants, but also saw her instantly.

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  • 10 年前

    Janis Joplin 27-year-old passed away. As the 60s of last century's most compelling rock singer, her singing career did not several years, but she seemed a lifetime of savings and the strength of miles in a short time, make every effort to break out.

    Janis Joplin's singing is unmatched, even if she only had one album out, but enough.

    Janis Joplin grew up not happy. Child, her appearance as her biggest obstacle, her skin color, body, face and around the girls have become the object of ridicule.

    Her poetry and painting can only be loneliness, but the damage has not healed in her heart, she has a difficult to overcome for the love of inferiority.

    Janis Joplin 17 years old fell in love with the music, when the popularity of the blues singer Bessie Smith as her idol. She at the bar and nightclub Zhuchang, messy environment and the hardships of life had made her lose faith in a time of singing.

    In 1966 he joined the Big Brother Band, her unique style of singing to attract a large number of fans.

    Janis became a star. Star status even further to the release of her own fears, her expression is reckless to indulge in pleasure, so instead of increasing his own fear, in her music, we often see some habits frustrated, Some emotional and self-pity on the proliferation of large chunks of Datong love fantasy raving.

    In 1968 she began drinking and using drugs, 3 October 1970 due to injection of heroin overdose Janis sudden death. People Fengyun superstar fell deeply regret, but also anxious to see her inner world alone.

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