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    The cost will dependent on the doctor, how bad is your tooth and the insurance plan. But usually it range about $100~$300 if you have dental insurance.

    My friend paid about $800 at a cheap dentist without insurance.

    Usually, a Chinese dentist will charge less in a big city (e.g. LA, SF, NY) with large Chinese population to get more patients. Ask your friends to find one.

    You should use school insurance if you have health insurance, but more than 50% of University insurance either does not cover dentist or pay a small percent of the dental cost (e.g. only 50%) You should check your university insurance policy and make sure to visit a dentist will accept the university insurance.

    Dentist in university definitely will be cheaper and you should try it first.

    I used to take care of my dental problem when I go back to Taiwan in summer vacation. It is much much cheaper since my university insurance does not cover dental insurance.