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  • 10 年前


    演唱:Illmillion featuring Jerrilyn

    曲名:See You Wrong   

    專輯:Above and beyond (2009年發行) 


    hey girl, hey girl, you know what you've been,

    you've been, doin to me? girl, i ain't playin,

    hey boy, hey boy, i know what i've been,

    i've been, doin to you, boy you're so amazin,

    and i could say the same about chu,

    but i don't wanna believe you,

    don't doubt me, i ain't tryna doubt chu,

    i don't wanna be hurt tryna be with you,

    there's no reason to lead you on,

    i'ma prove it to see you wrong,

    all you gotta do is get to know me,

    okay boy, go ahead and show me,

    so where should i start?

    maybe from the part where i said i wouldn't break yo heart,

    thas somethin i ain't tryna do,

    but for you, it's something that i be tryna prove,

    say girl, you confusin me,

    even when you singing so beautifully,

    it's like anytime, you could leave,

    i'm juss tryna get you to me,

    me and them, there's a difference,

    i'm different than, what you picturin,

    i'm provin i could change ya thoughts,

    cuz i ain't the one tryna have you take it off,

    whatever you think ain't bother me,

    i been knowin how to treat a girl properly,

    appreciate her flaws and qualities,

    and is there anything else you do not believe? tell me

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