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Laws 名詞解釋

本人英文能力較弱所以上網發問Laws 的名詞解釋我上網查的很多可是卻都是迷糊定義我需要Laws的定義,以及解釋。有能力好的大大就請你幫我解釋QQ

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    Laws 是 Law 的複數名詞

    Law noun

    1. the whole system of rules that everyone in a country or society must obey 法律(體系)


    2. a particular branch of the law 法規 uncountable

    3. a rule that deals with a particular crime, agreement, etc. (針對某項罪行、協議等的一條)法律,法規 countable ~ (on sth) ~ (against sth)

    4. the study of the law as a subject at university, etc.; the profession of being a lawyer 法學;法律學;律師業 uncountable

    5. used to refer to the police and the legal system 法律機構 singular

    6. one of the rules which controls an organization or activity 規則;規章;條例 countable

    7. a rule for good behaviour or how you should behave in a particular place or situation 良好行為的準則;(某地或某場合下的)行為規範 countable

    8. the fact that something always happens in the same way in an activity or in nature 規律;法則;原理 countable

    9. a scientific rule that somebody has stated to explain a natural process 定律 countable

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