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如題 我想知道這段影片中 大約0:57時間 出現的聲音 是哪位歌手?

歌詞是 "listen up everybody....."


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    歌名 Oh My God

    演唱 A Tribe Called Quest

    專輯 Midnight Marauders

    發行 1993



    Listen up everybody the bottom line

    I'm a black intellect, but unrefined

    with precision like a bullet, target bound

    just livin like a hooker, the harlett sounds

    now when I say the harlett, you know I mean the hott

    heat of the equator, the brothers in the spot

    Jalick, Jalick ya wind up ya hit

    draftin' of the poets, I'm the #7 pick

    lick, lick, lick boy on your backside

    lick, lick, lick boy on your backside

    listen to the fader, Shaheed lets it glide

    Tip the earthly body

    heavens on my side

    even in Santo Domingo

    Can I gotta Gringo

    we got mics when do we go

    know a little nigga who can ryhme when you ask me

    short, dark, and plus his voice is raspy

    [Phife Dawg]:

    1 for the treble

    2 for the bass

    you know the style Tip

    it's time to flip this

    I like my beats hard like two day old shit

    steady eatin booty M.C's like cheese Grits

    My man Al B. Sure, he's in effect mode

    used to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue

    it's not like honey dip would wanna get with me

    but just in case I own more condoms then T.L.C.

    now the formula is this Me, Tip, and Ali

    for those who can't count it goes 1-2-3

    The answer(scratch-Damn right I'm)Hiccup is who i be

    brothers find it's hard to do but never me

    some brothers try to dis my malik

    you see'm ditchin me

    now cure all the B.B. M.C.'s my shit is hittin

    trainin gladiator, anti-hesitater

    Shaheed push the fader from here to Granada

    Mr. energetic, who me sound pathetic

    when's the last time you heard a funky diabetic?

    (I don't know man(3x))

    (I don't know(2x))


    (Oh My God yes, Oh my god(10))


    Complimentary are we

    the three for Poetry

    I got a humdinger comin hook line and sinker

    the TIMBO hoofs with the prints on the ground

    TIMBO's on the toes, i like the way it's goin down

    down like the lady of the evenin

    when it goes in Toots just beleive the sin

    cuz Queens is the county, Jamaica is the place

    Take off your cleats cuz you can't run the race


    (Oh My God(14))