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請幫忙將內容的中文翻譯成英文 (請勿使用翻譯軟體)

哈囉 我的訂單號碼是:12345 請你出貨時可否幫我詳細檢查模型是否有瑕疵 因為我之前多次自行向XXX購買模型常常發現瑕疵(如零件掉落或缺少零件等等)而他們的處理態度讓我非常失望 另外在麻煩你盡快幫我寄出 因為我想快點收到模型 非常感謝你

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    My order number is: 12345.

    Please check if the models are flawless before shipping. I have bought models from XXX for many times, but often found defects with them(such as falling or missing parts, etc.), and the sellers' attitude was also extremely disappointing.

    Besides, please send it to me ASAP so that I can receive it earlier.

    Thank you so much!

    參考資料: me
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    Please refer to my order number: 12345.

    Please perform a thorough investigation to ensure the models are flawless before shipping them. I have purchased the models from xxx before and have found defects more than once (e.g. falling parts, missing part, etc...). I am very disappointed at their attitude toward solving the problems.

    I would highly appreciate if you can ship them immediately after the investigation. I am so eager to receive the models.

    Thank you,

    參考資料: myself