Debate of the death penalty

In my English class, we need to have a debate for the death penalty.
I am the con side of the debate(not agree with the death penalty), can anyone give me some contents about the debate? Please help me!
更新: For喜貓, I am the pro side of the debate, but I am designed to debate for the con side. I don't have any idea or thoughts for the con side, that's why I am going to ask you the question.
更新 2: For the vocabulary I am going to use, I think I can use any words as you prepared for me. Because I have many homework to do, I don't have much time to prepare for my debate.
更新 3: Can I have the contents of the con side? Because I am designed to a different side now.
Can you taught me how to argue with these nine questions that you three people had answered?
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