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請問effect 和 affect 由啥差別?? 該怎麼用呢??


要怎麼分辨要用哪個ㄌㄝ 不是意思差不多嗎??

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    effect /ɪˈfekt/ DJ /ɪ'fɛkt/ KK


    1.a change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else; a result 效應;影響;結果

    ■the effect of heat on metal 熱對金屬產生的效應

    ■the beneficial effects of exercise 鍛煉的好處

    ■Her criticisms had the effect of discouraging him completely. 她批評的結果是使他完全喪失了信心。

    2.a particular look, sound or impression that somebody, such as an artist or a writer, wants to create (藝術家或作家所要創造的特定)外觀,聲響,印象,效果 countable uncountable

    ■The overall effect of the painting is overwhelming. 這幅畫的總體效果氣勢磅礡。

    ■The stage lighting gives the effect of a moonlit scene. 這種舞台燈光能產生月下景色的效果。

    ■Add a scarf for a casual effect. 再圍上一條圍巾以顯得隨便些。

    3.your personal possessions (個人)財產,所有物,財物 plural formal written

    ■The insurance policy covers all baggage and personal effects. 這份保險單為全部行李和個人財產提供保險。


    1.to make something happen 使發生;實現;引起 VN formal

    ■to effect a cure/change/recovery 產生療效;引起變化;實現復蘇


    affect /əˈfekt/ DJ /ə'fɛkt/ KK


    1.to produce a change in somebody/something 影響

    ■How will these changes affect us? 這些變化對我們會有什麼影響?

    ■Your opinion will not affect my decision. 你的意見不會影響我的決定。

    ■The south of the country was worst affected by the drought. 該國南方旱情最嚴重。

    2.of a disease 疾病 to attack somebody or a part of the body; to make somebody become ill/sick (疾病)侵襲,感染

    ■The condition affects one in five women. 每五個婦女就有一個人患有這種病。

    ■Rub the cream into the affected areas. 把乳膏揉進感染處。

    3.to make somebody have strong feelings of sadness, pity, etc. (感情上)深深打動;使悲傷(或憐憫等)

    ■They were deeply affected by the news of her death. 她死亡的消息使他們唏噓不已。

    4.to pretend to be feeling or thinking something 假裝 formal

    ■She affected a calmness she did not feel. 她強裝鎮靜。

    5.to use or wear something that is intended to impress other people 炫耀;做作

    ■I wish he wouldn't affect that ridiculous accent. 但願他別故意裝出那種可笑的腔調。

    參考資料: me+google dictionary
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    n. 名詞

    1 結果[C][U][(+on/upon)]

    2 效果, 效力; 作用; 影響[C][U][(+on/upon)]

    This had a great effect upon the future of both mother and son.

    這對母子倆的 將來影響很大。

    3 要旨, 意義[the S]

    I said a few words to the effect that all he had told us was already well known. 我說了幾句話, 大意是他所告訴我們的一切早已為人熟知。

    4 (法律的)效力, 產生效力[U]

    5 (色彩, 聲音等產生的)印象; 效果[C][P1]

    6 財產, 動產[P]

    vt. 及物動詞造成;

    1 產生; 招致

    Rose tried to effect a reconciliation.


    2 實現, 達到(目的)

    He effected several important changes.



    vt. 及物動詞

    1 影響; 對...發生作用

    The amount of rain affects the growth of crops.


    2 使感動, 使震動

    She was deeply affected by the news of her father's death.


    3 (病)侵襲; 罹患

    Her kidneys had become affected.


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