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    1. 歌名: Lonely Lady with the Big Brown Eyes

    Hey lonely lady with the big brown eyes,

    I'm thinking you're sadder than you realize

    I could make you smile and feel a little more related.

    We just really click, would it be so wrong if we just dated?

    Let goooo...jump on my skateboard, eat some cake, along the lake,

    Do all your... favorite stuff right off the cuff cause we're spontaneous.

    Let's hop a bus to shop, we'll check out Filene's, and get chunky jewelry at Chico's.

    I'll buy you a Panini, and some Spanx to make you teeny

    ...Lonely lady with the big brown eyes.

    2. 歌名: Motherload

    You've got the motherload.

    You've got the stuff I like.

    Every time I'm with you babe,

    I just get psyched.

    Like bling in your mouth but it's just old fillings.

    Dry skin on your hands, and youre so cracked,

    Sittin' on your bed with your jacked up back.

    Hey girl, I want to watch you do you palates, and skip the hard part.

    Cuz baby, you've got the motherload.

    3. 歌名: Like That

    Put me in a outfit from the GAP like that. One that matches with the jacket and the cap like that.

    Then slap me in the stroller with the bounce like that.

    With the bottle full of milk that's 40 ounce like that.

    I'm your b-baby lady.

    Tina - I wanna push you in the buggy.

    I'm your b-baby lady,

    I wanna hold you like a Snuggie.

    You're my baby, lady.

    Tina - And I'm your lady, baby.

    It's time to roll,

    Let's go to the park.

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