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誰能幫我檢查以下的翻譯 20點!!!(急)



研究的範圍包括了機構設計(Mechanism design)、影像處理與辨識(Imaging processing/Pattern recognition)、控制決策(Decision making),及機電系統整合(Electromechanical system integration)。也藉由這三個領域的結合使得本機構具備機械結構的穩定、協調地控制、快速地辨識和智慧型的推論與學習等優點來仿效人類打撞球。


the research captures the image of the ball on the pool table through CCD camera fitst. Then, the position of the ball are calculated by the image processing technique, and know how to pocket object balls by using Fuzzy theory, Neural network algorithms, Extension theory, Grey theory, or to meet block ball how to put safety ball to get defence. Ultimately, decision command would be sent to the controller of the robot.

This research contents 4 major parts : structural design, image processing, the integration of decision making and analysis, and electromechanical system. The combination of these techniques makes the robot possesses the advantages of stabilization of structure, precise control, rapid recognition, inference and learning ability.



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    This research is to pick and fetch the table image through CCD cinecamera at first, utilize treatment technology of the image to find out the ball heart coordinate of every ball, and then cooperate with fuzzily , the transmitting type nerve perform algorithms , can open up the theory , grey theory etc. and perform algorithms and decide how to throw into the ball the ball bag , how about to type the safe ball when either run into obstacle ball , goal rate to pass low, reach the result of defending , will control the order and send and carry out movements of striking to the mechanism of striking finally. The range including organization studied are designed (Mechanism design), deal with and distinguish (Imaging processing/Pattern recognition ) , control the decision (Decision making ) in image , and the electromechanical system combination (Electromechanical system integration ). This stability with mechanical structure of organization that too to make with the combination of these three fields, control , distinguish and imitate the mankind and play billiards with the advantages , such as intelligent inference and study ,etc. fast coordinating.

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  • 10 年前

    The first is through the tables in CCD cameras to capture images, using image processing techniques to identify the center of the sphere of the spherical coordinates, coupled with the fuzzy, neural algorithms, extension theory, gray theory algorithm to determine how the ball into the bag, obstacles or the ball, scoring rate is too low to play safe ball, to defending results, and finally hit the control commands sent to the institutions to implement impact action.

    The study will cover the mechanism design (Mechanism design), image processing and recognition (Imaging processing / Pattern recognition), Control Decision (Decision making), and electrical and mechanical systems integration (Electromechanical system integration). Also by the combination of these three areas make the mechanical structure of the body with a stable, coordinated control, rapid identification and intelligent reasoning and learning to follow the example of the advantages of human play pool.

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