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  • JACK
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    10 年前

    ※ 你好:個人依照你的需求,並沒有用翻譯機;但有稍作修改,冀望你能滿意,thanks! During vocational school time I ever did part-time work at school, which was to book, to deliver, and to sort all the textbooks for our whole class. In addition, when in university, also I had had part-time jobs at both XX Corporation and XX Theater. Right now I'm working as an administrative assistant at XX Corporation. I understand that customers are pretty important in service industry, so I really hope that how to contact with customers and how to fulfill their needs after listening to what they want. And I expect that I can fulfill my own working experiences with one stable and suitable job.

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  • 10 年前

    Five exclusive period at school when a student is responsible for the whole school classes, book, books, as well as all the textbooks. In addition, in the University, I am in Taipei xx xx cinema company and worked as a student at xx makes Administrative Assistant job.In the services sector, customers are very important. I hope that you can work to learn how to contact with customers, understanding customers, full passenger customers these problems. Looking forward to the future you can find a stable, suitable for work and enrich their experience.