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genki 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

(95暨南大學)語言分析考古題 這樣的題目怎麼答較好


我覺得第一欄跟第二欄有相關的有 Car – carriage車-馬車 Form – uniform形態 – 相同的形態 Mead – meadow草地 – 牧草地 Pi – pious虔誠的- 虔誠的 Private – privateer 私人的 – 私掠船 Roquet將球擊出 - 槌球戲 Wrest – wrestler扭轉 –摔角選手

這樣的題目怎麼答較好?可以給我個方向嗎 謝謝

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  • MB.WPG
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    10 年前

    The word formation between column 1 and column 2 is called affixation. Al these words I have choiced are fromed by derivational affixes. After affixation, the word mmeanings are still following the original roots. The only thing that can be changed in these word formations is the lexical categaries. Most words have been changed into the different lexical categaries. ex: verb-noun, noun-adject, or noun-verb. The first word car-carriage is the only exception because after the word formation, the lexical category is still noun.