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These interactions serve to complete the tetrahedral coordination sphere of the unsaturated terminal lithium atoms, and﹝ most likely consist of an《 η1-bonding mode》 to the respective deprotonated 《ipso-carbons》﹞.→這句話要表達什麼?(重點是中括弧內的內容,而雙括弧內的名詞不用翻。)總覺得看不太懂。

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  • 10 年前

    我是居住於台灣的大學生,因為拜讀了先生發表於2008、一篇關於《同相催化雙硼化反應》的論文,而想瞭解先生於2006年發表的一篇關於《異相催化雙硼化反應》的論文內容,然而,這一篇論文內容卻是以德文寫成,左思右想,才決定寄這封打擾先生的信,希望先生能用英文概略說一下先生在《異相催化機制》上的實驗想法與結論,先生的分享,晚輩不甚感激。 Dear ____________, (英文Title用Dear平常不過; 聽起來不會娘; 是屬於一種尊重)

    I am(正式信件不建議用縮寫; 如 I’m, you’re, it’s) a college student from Taiwan. After having the pleasure of reading your Treatise (比theory paper正式) from 2008 regarding the Homogenous Hydrosilation Reaction, I would also like to learn about the content of your other Treatise regarding the Heterogenous Hydrosilation Reaction from 2006. However, as the content is written in German (Germany是德國不是德文), I have no choice but to disturb you with this letter. Wonder if you could give me a quick overview of the result and your afterthoughts on Precursor Formation. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely yours, XXX (你的名字) 信不要寫太長; 我已幫您把不必要的字拿掉了…切記 切記!!!

    2010-10-12 19:57:22 補充:

    most likely consist of an《 η1-bonding mode》 to the respective deprotonated 《ipso-carbons》

    "去掉質子的《ipso-carbons》很可能包含《 η1-bonding mode》"

    參考資料: 留美19年, 自己
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  • 6 年前



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  • leo
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    10 年前

    I am a college student from Taiwan. I have read one of your articles about 同相催化雙硼化反應 which was publised in 2008 and I was trying to learn your another article about 異相催化雙硼化反應 which was published in 2006 but I found it's written in German. Since I don't read German I decided to write you soliciting your brief comments and conclusion in English about 異相催化機制.

    I appreciate if you share with me your comments.

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  • 10 年前

    Dear ____________,

    I'm a college student living in Taiwan, due to reading a thesis paper of yours published in 2008 that talks about <同相催化雙硼化反應>, and watning to know more about another thesis paper you have published in 2006 <異相催化雙硼化反應> that article was written in Germany. I'd like to know more about <異相催化機制>, hope that you can explain your thought and conclution on the experiment on the subject of <異相催化機制>. Thank you so much, greatly appreciate.



    參考資料: 移民美國五年的我
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