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我是個高中生 要上臺英文演講比賽 可是不知道怎麼寫稿 請各位英文很好的大大幫忙吧(要英文)

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  • 10 年前

    Health Is More Important Than Wealth It goes without saying that most people in our society are busy making money. They seem to spare no labor to earn more than enough money to support their families. Some are so ambitious as to support concubines out of their sweet homes. We feel that they are more like money-making machines than human beings. In fact, if people earn enough money for everyday necessities, that is enough. There is a saying that happy is the man who is contented. We are not able to spend money more than our life level. Burning candles both ends may do great harm to our precious health. People will regret that they do not value health until they lose it some day. We must take it into consideration and think twice that health is more important than wealth. We have to come to the awareness that where there is life, there is hope of making money. Life enables us to make money, but money can not afford us to buy life. Our life span is just a period of borrowed time. The better we make use of our life, the longer we can keep our bodies and souls together. We had better keep it in mind that we cannot take too good care of our health.

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