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請高手幫我翻譯這段"我的興趣"英文感恩 感恩!



二十點奉上 感恩啦


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  • 10 年前

    In the life each age level will have not too same interest, but the interest will have the change along with the person thing all around, Also remembered that in childhood I to raised the micro-organism to be interested very much, the birds mouse rabbit I quite like, I has liked to the high school stage re-equipping the locomotive, also is quite now widespread along with the age growth interest, malingers, the movie, the thunderclap cloth bag show, the mountain climbing, to ride the bicycle, the domestic and foreign traveling as well as good food these I likes, what most loved was the mountain climbing, Taibei County Banqiao has many mountaineering footpaths to provide many like my same mountaineering guest very good movement space, the mountain climbing is a very good movement is the affable pressure good way, gym suit athletic shoes bottle of water may embark is very simple! Certainly must have a good friend to chat while walking definitely crawls meets the whole body to be happy.

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  • 10 年前

    英文翻譯:I am interested in

    Each life is not the same age, there will be interest, and interest will be with the people and things around us change,

    Remember when I was very interested in raising small animals, birds, rabbits I quite like mice to the high school I would like modified motorcycle, and now growing interest in older compared with the wide range of bathing, movies, Pili puppet shows, hiking, cycling , domestic tourism, and food which I really liked, which is a favorite hiking, Taipei County, there are many hiking trails provide many climbers as I like very good exercise room, hiking is a good exercise is a stress relief a good way, sportswear pair of shoes can set off a bottle of water is not very easy too! of course, talking while walking to have a good friend will definitely climbed the whole body relaxed.




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