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V.C. 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前


我想把以下文張翻譯成中文....因要上台報告用, 怕自己翻得不夠漂亮....

Clinical Presentation of CSF Shunt Infections

T.A., a 21-year-old woman with a history of congenital hydrocephalus,

is admitted to the neurosurgery unit for worsening mental status and fever.

T.A. has a history of multiple revisions and placements of intraventricular shunts

for control of hydrocephalus. Currently, she has a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt,

which was placed 1 month ago and previously had been functioning normally.

Over the past few days, T.A. has developed worsening obtundation, stiff neck,

and a temperature of 39.5°C. A CT scan performed today reveals enlarged ventricles consistent with acute hydrocephalus.

T.A.'s medical history is noncontributory except for a seizure disorder for which

she takes phenytoin 400 mg PO QHS. She also takes Lo-Ovral for birth control.

T.A. is allergic to sulfa drugs (severe skin rash). Her weight on admission is 60 kg.

Laboratory analysis was significant for a WBC count of 14,000 cells/mm3 (normal, 3,200–9,800), with a differential of 85% PMN(polymorphonuclear neutrophil)and 10% lymphocytes; BUN and SrCr values were within the normal range at 19 mg/dL

and 0.9 mg/dL, respectively.

A tap of T.A.'s shunt was performed, and the ventricular fluid was notable for total

protein of 150 mg/dL (normal, <50), glucose of 40 mg/dL (normal, 60% of serum

glucose), and a WBC count of 200 cells/mm3 (normal, <5 cells/mm3), with

85% PMNs and 10% lymphocytes. Gram stain of the ventricular fluid showed

numerous gram-positive cocci in clusters. What are the subjective and objective

findings of CSF shunt infections, and what manifestations of this type of infection

are present in T.A.?

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  • 10 年前

    腦脊液分流感染的臨床表現T.A.,具有歷史的先天性腦積水,一名 21 歲女子被接納神經外科病房的惡化心理狀態和發燒。

    T.A.有多個修訂版本的修訂歷史記錄和控制的腦積水腦室分流安置。 她目前放 1 個月前,以前有正常運作的一個腦室 (副總裁) 分流術。

    在過去的幾天 T.A.已日益惡化的 obtundation、 僵硬的脖子和 39.5 ℃ 的溫度 現在執行的 CT 掃描顯示放大的腦室符合急性腦積水。

    要不是一個檢獲障礙,她需要苯妥英 400 毫克 PO QHS noncontributory T.A.的病歷。 她亦會老 Ovral 控制生育的。

    T.A.是對嚴重皮疹磺胺類藥物過敏。 她入院的重量是 60 公斤。

    實驗室分析是重要的 14000 儲存格/mm3 (正常,3,200–9,800),85%PMN(polymorphonuclear neutrophil)and 10%淋巴細胞 ; 的差別與白細胞計數 尿素和 SrCr 的值分別在 19 毫克/分升和 0.9 毫克的正常範圍內。

    執行的 T.A.的分流分路器,和心室液是顯著的總蛋白的 150 毫克 (正常,< 50),40 mg/dL (正常,60%的血清葡萄糖

    糖) 和 200 儲存格/mm3 的白細胞計數 (正常,< 5 儲存格/mm3)、 衝擊 85%和 10%的淋巴細胞。 克在群集中顯示多個革蘭陽性球菌的心室液的染色。 腦脊液的主觀和客觀的結果是什麼分流感染,什麼表現的這種類型的感染,目前在 T.A.中?

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