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香草 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前


At nearby Eleusis the King and Queen treated her so kindly, offering her a position as nurse to the younger princes , that she accepted a drink of barley-water .

請問這裡的as和princes還有taht是甚麼意思?以下的翻譯是1還是2?請協助修正,謝謝 1.在附近的Eleusis國王和王后對待她非常友善,提供她當作年輕王子的護士職務,她同意後喝了 (供病人飲用的)大麥湯。

2.在附近的Eleusis國王和王后對待她非常友善,提供她一個年輕的好人當作護士,她同意後喝了 (供病人飲用的)大麥湯。

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  • Joseph
    Lv 5
    10 年前


    這是希臘神話中,冥神 Hades 搶走大地女神 Demeter 的女兒 Persephone 的故事中, Demeter 到 Eleusis 國的那一段吧?若是該故事的片段,容我大概的說明故事的這一段。

    Demeter 流浪尋找女兒時,不吃不喝好幾天。找不到任何消息後,返往 Athen 的途中到了 Eleusis。該國的國王與王后對這偽裝成老婦人的女神很好。甚至請她作為年輕王子們的褓姆。於是 Demeter 結束了她的絕食(齋禁)。



    At nearby Eleusis, the King and Queen treated her so kindly that she accepted a drink of barley-water.

    在附近 Eleusis 國,國王與王后對她好的讓她接受飲用了一份摻有大麥的水。

    您所提問到的 "that" 是用來形容有多好。


    The movie was so touching that she was moved to tears.


    "offering her a position as nurse to the younger princes",「提供她當年輕王子們的褓姆」 此句則是用來解釋如何的看重與善對這他們以為是可憐老婦人的女神。

    請注意 nurse 此字有時不宜解釋為「護士」。 nurse 在此是照顧小孩的職位,就是「褓姆」。

    as 在此可看成「當」的意思。就是「做某個角色」。

    princes 則是 prince 的複數,就是「王子們」。

    簡單的解釋,相信聰明的版主應該已經曉得整句的意思。我翻譯很爛的 ^_^||| 如果真的要翻譯的話,,我粗淺的建議是:

    鄰近 Eleusis 的國王與王后友善地請她做年輕王子們的褓姆,此舉讓她接受了一杯摻著大麥的水。


    2010-10-20 13:43:01 補充:

    Thanks, 雲凍, for pointing out my mistake. Yes it should be "so-that". Funny how I use the langauge so much that I overlooked the basic but important bits. It would appear that I just made another example sentence out of it.

    誠如雲凍先進所說,不該只是解釋 that,應該要解釋 so - that 的架構: 「如此...以至於」

    2010-10-20 13:46:24 補充:

    Thanks Joy. I'm not a grammar person. In fact, I think grammar should assist in interpretation the sentences, instead stealing the focus. :) So please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    2010-10-20 13:46:31 補充:

    Good question on the "AS".

    My limited understanding is that if used without of an article, it could be the general description of a role. However it does not affect the semantics in this case. And commonly people would use the article, "a" or "the".

    2010-10-20 13:46:43 補充:

    On the question of "the", you should understand that "the" points to the specifics. In this context, though incomplete, it would make the reader assume that there are other princes who are older than the ones singled out in the sentence.

    2010-10-20 13:51:19 補充:



    2010-10-21 05:31:19 補充:

    Follow up on the use of "as".

    In this context, "nurse to the younger princes" are used to describe "a position". Therefore, NO articles should be used before "nurse".

    Another example:

    He took up the position AS scientist at some company.

    2010-10-21 05:31:46 補充:

    Use of an article will be wrong in this context.

    Yes, I was wrong on use of articles don't matter. Sorry. I don't think this is going to be the last time you'll find me wrong. So please speak up if you see me making a fool out of myself. ;)

    2010-10-22 00:56:24 補充:


    In this context, "nurse to younger princes" _ARE_ used...

    Should be

    In this context, "nurse to younger princes" _IS_ used...

    Me and my atrocious English. :(

    參考資料: Joe 的豆腐腦, 很混的 Joe
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  • 羅莉
    Lv 7
    10 年前

    Joe解說得太棒了! +1


    在鄰近的Eleusis國, 國王與王后對她親切到要請她做年輕王子們褓姆的程度,使得她(欣然)接受喝下了一杯大麥汁飲料。

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  • 雲凍
    Lv 6
    10 年前

    so that.....

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  • Joy
    Lv 6
    10 年前

    To Joe;

    You are awesome!

    But I have some doubts on the gammar, which are;

    1/ as nurse to the younger....

    why it's not: as a nurse to...

    2/ the younger princes...

    why it's not; those younger princes, or the younger prince...

    Look forward to hearing your soon!

    Thank you!

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