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The term '' helicopter parents '' was first used in the 1990s to refer to parents who hover around their children , just as helicopters hovering above the ground . These parents pay very close attention to their children at all times even when their children are employed . Helicopter parents sometimes do more harm than good to their chilren since they give their children little freedom to lead their own lives .

When their children are in school , helicopter parents do their children's assignments , phone their children's schools to check on them , or even complain about their children's roommates . Similar behavior is also seen in the workplace . Helicopter parents will call their children's employers to discuss salary , working hours , and working conditions . They even check their children's e-mails and bank statements . For these reasons , employers are becoming more careful about who they hire . If they suspect that their employees have helicopter parents , They might refuse them the job . It is because employers feel that these children are not adult enough to manage serious jobs .

Some children find this behavior helpful because their parents do a lot of work for them . However , helicopter parents should learn to let go as their children grow up . They should let their children learn , grow up , and live their lives by themselves . It is nice to offer help sometimes , but not all the time !




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