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    歌手:Michael Learns To Rock(MLTR)



    I'm running on empty alone in a steel cold town

    The colours are fading to grey when you're not around

    I'm going over what you said

    The words keep ringing in my head

    What happened to the promises

    The promises we made


    You gave me frostbite in my heart

    'Cause you had me branded from the start

    Nobody knows what I'm going through (hey baby why..)

    You gave me frostbite in my heart

    'Cause you tore the love we had apart

    Somebody tell me now what I should do

    I'm driving alone with the radio on in my car

    I'm staring at faces in places that used to be ours

    Can't you see what you do to me

    I'm drowning in my misery

    That fatal kiss of destiny

    Is clinging on for evermore


    (I had to let you know) I keep thinking of you

    (I can't let go) You know it's all that I do

    (I had to let you know) 'Cause you are still on my mind all the time

    Don't leave me hanging

    You had me branded (Branded from the start)


    Why leave me hanging... You had me branded

    Don't keep me hanging on (Hey baby why...)