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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

where could provide 5-axis ?

HELP!! I would like to know where I can find the company which could provide accurate 5-axis and reach micrometer (μm) technology mould company?

Our products are more refined, and therefore, the quality requirement of the mold is relatively high. The previous vendor experience let me does not dare to think highly. Also because of our main product design does not really understanding mould. For our previous experience, the mass product did not reach the normal mould material may withstand the numbers then the problem start to appear. The problems make our shipment delay and also incur the pressure form my boss. Because of previous sucks experiences, I would like to ask about where in Tainan have good prices and die plant material of mold factory compared to more concrete or are those features?

Thank you.

I hope the prices are reasonable.


Tainan = include Taiwan

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  • 10 年前

    I am engaged in purchasing

    My coworker always call my flurry person

    I am not flurry actually..

    Because the case cannot handover often

    myself also have weakness design background

    but, I have very long working experience in the industry

    Finally found a best mold factory

    I would like to share with you

    This factory production carefully

    Others cannot or make bad production,

    handing over to them

    its obtains to solve within 3 days.

    Although, the company size does not big as Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.

    But it do actually have Quality Control Department

    You will never receive unacceptable products

    because the quality control will check it before the products delivery to you.

    Due to quality control and mass production person are different,

    there is no muddling along occurring.

    Hope you can satisfied.

    Tel: +886-6-0980380860

    參考資料: good luck
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  • 10 年前

    需要幫助! 我想要知道在哪裡可以找到公司有提供精準的5軸加工模具並可達微米(百萬分之一米)技術等級的. 我們的產品比較精緻,所以所需求的品質要求相對來說比較高.過去的供應商經驗讓我不敢想像(高度評價),另外,我們的產品設計(師)並不了解模具.根據我們過去的經驗,舊的模具無法承受大規模生產並開始產生一些問題.這個問題造成我們的船運延遲並讓我們承受來自老闆的壓力. 因為過去不好(爛)的經驗,我想問說台南哪裡可以找到價錢跟模具材質比較好的廠商.



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